Friday, July 21, 2006

My Word of the Day

Here is a contest for you. But let me warn you, it does take a little concentration.

The contest is: What is My Word of the Day?

Here are some clues:

  1. Final Fashion
  2. PoshYarns
  3. SubwayKnitter
  4. Life in LaLaLumay Land

The last one might tax you (sorry Gina, but yours isn't as obvious as the other clues; the reading is well worth the effort, though).

Just to make sure those who don't touch their 'puter over the weekend can play, this contest will go until Tuesday night.

Here is how to win:

Tell me what My Word of the Day is and how it affects you. The winner will NOT be RANDOMLY selected!

I will send one of my Gold Crochet Necklaces to the one who has the most original affliction from the said My Word of the Day.

I know I'm asking a lot. But I'm curious. Why is this affliction happening to so many? Is this coincidence universal? Or is it a co-inki-dink?

It is worldly. Widely Worldly Webly.


Colleen said...

I know, but since I'm mentioned in the contest I think that I'm disqualified.

All I'm going to say is that I have a heck of a lot of it in my wallet right now :-).

kris said...

no idea. i have a hangover and no a/c. my brain has stopped, i think.

Gina said...

LOL! Colleen is much more principled than I -- I wouldn't have thought of self disqualification. I was feeling greedy and wanting a crochet necklace. Bad me. I bought some fabric today, and a friend has offered to help me with my machine, although I will probably try my hand at it alone -- just to see if I can suss it out.

Nichola said...

Change is your word of the day. A lot has changed in my life recently, some of it good, some of it stressful. I still have some things that need to change, i'm working on those.

Kaye said...

Change, changes, changaroony
Your word of the day.

I wonder why everyone is thinking of change in the middle of the summer? Isn't that the usual pre-occupation for January?

This is what change means to me:

C = challenge
H = healthy
A = adventurous
N = new
G = goals
E = energizing

My challenge is to change one thing at a time or I will never get through my list of changes I want to make.

Danielle said...

That's so funny! And then there's Tricia at Bits & Bobbins with her new hair and new url too:

Why so many people feeling this at once? Weird. Thanks for introducing me to new bloggers.

holy synchronicity, indeed.

BlackCrow said...

It is odd is'nt it?

A few weeks ago I lost my job, (not enough work and my boss wanted a change and left for Ecuador to work in a forest)
so change for me is a good thing self-imposed or not.But sometimes I still feel like

C + crikey
H + help
A + ahhhhh!
N + noooooo
G + gulp
E + enmity

knittingchick said...

David Bowie would be so proud...'cause Change is your word of the day. It's so interesting that that feeling is in the air, right now, smack in the middle of summer when people are usually just sort of hanging out and being. As for what change means to me, I'd have to say that I spent most of my life hate-hate-hating the idea of any kind of change at all. I was the kid who begged my parents to leave the Christmas tree up until February. But lately, I guess I'm getting on board the change train, since life is beckoning to try new things and push myself past comfortable limits. My plays are starting to be produced, my lace knitting is finally coming together, my best friend is getting married at 35... and I've kinda, sorta fallen in love. A big change for independent ol' me. So for me, change is... good.

Heatherly said...

change seems so basic. alter or alteration is my guess. to alter course or to alter clothing.
To change or make different; modify: altered my will.
To adjust (a garment) for a better fit.

i move alot. i pick up and change things rather than make things work. i have seen this as a crutch lately. i would rather alter things than change them. a slight modification, a different view point, a tuck in the fabric rather than just change things cuz it is easy/easier. i like where i am, who i am... but i would like to alter this life at the same time, to not be a creature of habit.

Poshyarns said...

I'm guessing I'm disqualified too but I love the post.

Flikr looks great, it's such a thrill seeing something I made up there, thanks.

Just stashed some gorgeous tweedy wool for a winter hustle, but will have to wait for cooler weather before sewing.

Christie said...

Change is the word of the year!'s such a scary yet inspiring thing. Change is about re-examination, focus and willingness to take a leap of faith. It's scary, exciting and profound. Sometimes it's as small as adding art to the walls of your home or a new hairstyle. Somtimes it's as huge as getting married, changing careers or taking a chance on your dream.

Change ultimately serves to make us more well rounded and fulfilled human beings.