Friday, July 21, 2006

Vintage Clothing at its Best

The humidity in this town is unbearable. I'm lucky enough to be watching my Mom's place while she is out of town. The greatest thing about her place, it has air-conditioning! To find a night's solace, my guy and I stayed over at the sitted. I planned on going directly to work from there, which means I would have to bring a change of clothes. Not a problem.

Upon leaving into the great bright day I realized I needed to wear a slip underneath my BRAND NEW VINTAGE SILK KNITTED DRESS!

My guy loved the process. I couldn't tell from my vantage point, but he loved checking out the curvature of my legs! The shape of my legs is not what I want to share with the rest of this town.

I went home and popped my Holly-Hobby petticoat underneath.

This dress is my new favourite piece recently added to my wardrobe. The amount of crochet to knit is just right for my personality! And it is in an antique cream, kind of goldie which I love. The best thing, I feel real pretty in it. Every girl needs a dress that makes them feel pretty.

Thank you Vintage-Wardrobe for having such fantastic taste! Check out what she has left at her ebay shop. That girl has a good eye, possibly two.


Alison said...

Laura, you look beautiful in the dress. I really do like the pettiocat hanging just below the hemline. A great look. Thank you for your lovely comments. Not much left on eBay today but I might add a handful of things in a weeks time. I've almost come to the end of my stock.
Oh for an air conditioned room!

gleek said...

ooooh, totally cute dress. i love vintage clothing. stumbling upon the perfect wardrobe addition is like finding gold.

Christie said...

It's so pretty! What a lucky score!

sienna said...


Nichola said...

Love the dress. My hub does that too, like he somehow doesn't mind the whole neighbourhood seeing what i don't want them to see.

fiftyRX3 said...

awesome dress. i am also having fun with petticoats lately, well, back when it was under 90 degrees anyway. gotta love ebay.