Monday, July 17, 2006

The Most Fun This Past Weekend

The most fun I had dancing was this show. Frazy didn't have an image for them...

The Hilotrons. The best 80s electro-punk-pop you'll hear! They just gotta work on their look. Each of them sporting t-shirts with the saying Voice Recognition System -or something like that, just doesn't cut it.

This girl doesn't need to work on her look, she's got it down! Can you see the cute girl in the centre, below, with the yellow top, green hand bag.... she's standing beside the other cute girl in a green tank and turquoise skirt?

Well, check out the skirt she's wearing, the grey one with the yellow flowers. The skirt is one of my designs! I was so excited to spot it from across the crowd of dancers and loungers.

My last comment about this festival. The best blues we listened to was yesterday, Mr. Wayne Baker Brooks. No picture, but you can go to his site for more information.

My guy is the best because he doesn't get embarrassed by my choice of accessories or projects I bring along... gots to be crafting when you can! Happy Anniversary Boyfriend.


Robin said...

Wow! I am jealous of all the great acts you have seen recently. But, the biggest sighting I am sure was your skirt - how fun! Looks like you've been enjoying your summer. :)

Christie said...

How awesome...especially seeing someone wearing your skirt!

Nichola said...

How fantastic to see one of your creations! My hubby is cool about my choice of accessories too, i suppose he has no choice though. hehe

aja said...

Awesome skirt siting, that is too cool. I love the pic of two of my favorite things: yarn and beer!

Dawna said...

If you attended the Bluesfest the opening week-end we may have been in the same area and missed each other! We were there from Friday to Sunday and saw some great acts.
It's great that your years of hard work are paying off and your designs are out there. This is just the beginning, keep up the good work.