Thursday, December 29, 2005

A Piece Towards My Spring Wardrobe

The knitscene mag is wicked fun, I'm really getting my monies worth. There are patterns available online as well, like the Tweedy Vest I'll be knitting up this week.

21cm knitted to date.

Tweedy Vest by Mona Schmidt. I love the Tahki Donegal Tweed it calls for (it comes in many colours), but I'm going to knit this up in another tweed. See below for more information.

In this picture or in the knitscene pattern picture, the ribbing is not easy to see. It is a pattern of 8 that changes every 4 rows and forces you to think. If it were a simpler pattern, I would imagine I would get easily bored watching it grow and probably feel satisfied with half the project completed. So, I force myself not to gaze at my work after each completed rib pattern for fear I will refuse to cast on for the next piece. That would be the worst!

Bernat Denim Style yarn. 70% soft acrylic, 30% soft cotton. I don't tend to buy fabric or clothing made of acrylic. But it is soft and it is cheap. Mark my words, "I'm sure I'll complain about the appearance of this fabric right after it's first washing, but it'll still be soft."

It is super cheap for the yardage. It doesn't say how much yardage there is, I've tried reading all of the tags I have but one thing I do know is there is more yards than I think there could be. Here is why I think that: For a Christmas present to a Miss McTwiss and only a ball and a half of this yarn, I knit a hat, fingerless gloves, and a scarf with fringe. (there are 196 yrds, 179m. I found it on their website)

I knew I would use it again because of it's yardage and coziness factors, but in another colour.

The pink -Weathered Rose- will soften up all the greys I've been wearing of late. My mother will approve.


kris said...

woo, you're back! fantastic!

love the colour of your tweed vest. i have so many vests on my list - should really start one soon!

Miss Twiss said...

Yes, at last... I'm Back!

Soma said...

I got the Bernat Denim yarn as a stocking stuffer, in a blue and white. I think mine will become socks... if I ever figure out how to knit socks, that is.

Glad to see another relatively-local knitter (I live in Hull). I'm intimidated by the Ottawa guild. You're brave. :)