Friday, December 02, 2005

CBC Radio3 R Big Kids Now

My favorite radio guys are really big kids now!! Got their own station, #94, on Sirius Satellite Radio(SSR). I can not express with enough exclamation marks, so I'll settle down a bit. I'm very excited for this radio station! Now anyone with this technology can listen to my favorite program 24/7! That is Twenty Four hours a day and Seven days a week. Oh, my lord of radio, what shall I do?

These guys are my absolute favorite because they are good, they have personality. They are not afraid to show how they feel about the music they play, about the questions they ask about, or the weird and wonderful articles they investigate. They are not controlled by the "man" and are free to develop really great programming because of it.

Now, how do I get a SSR for free? I tried to win one last Saturday night when they were simultaneously broadcasting on both SSR and CBC. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. But some other girl from Winnipeg won it. I need one.

I've had this thing on my brain since I listened to the program. I'm a quality radio junkie.

What are your favorite radio stations? Are they accessible on the internet? I would like to check them out. Post a comment and tell me what your listening to these days.


And by the way, the LadyFest Holiday Craft Sale was much fun and it was a big success for the girls. I sold many of my glam/punk/rockabilly Christmas stockings and Christmas tree ornaments. I also sold much of my leather brooches and bracelets.


Miss Vicky said...

That was one awesome craft show. Unfortunately we blew our crafty budget on a fab 50s pin-up toilet seat. But who could resist, really?

I loved the energy of the event. LOVED the danger match. Now I'm even more determined to make one of those spins and needles activities

Miss Twiss said...

I'm really happy you showed up. That is a wicked toilet seat you purchased! The energy was postitive and there were so many creative women there.
I would like to make it to a Spin's and Needles too.