Monday, January 02, 2006

Knitting Resolutions 2006

  1. I will knit a pair of socks. Which means I'll have to invest in a pair of Addi Turbos, as that's what all the pro-sock knitters use. Then I really should learn that magic loop style knitting. I noticed some pretty thorough knitting instructions on Amelia Raitte: My Fashionable Life. Would anyone have a basic sock they would suggest for a new sock knitter?
  2. I have subscribed to Interweave KNITS magazine. And I'm waiting patiently for my first mag to fill my mail box.
  3. Tweedy Vest, by Mona Schmidt. I've almost completed the back at this point. Pictures to follow.
  4. Brilliant Retro, by Teva Durham. It is a tight little cardigan, if I remember correctly. As soon as I get my latest Interweave KNITS, I'll post more about it.
  5. Herringbone looking, tight mohair looking sweater by Rebecca (the one on the right).
  6. Orangina, by Stephanie Jappel. I understand this style takes a long time, the lace work is easy to remember but could be repetitive and boring after awhile? The results look worth the effort.
  7. I need a skirt. I need a knitted skirt. A knitted skirt with lots of godets and therefore with lots of flare and just below the knee.
  8. I have to reduce the amount of knitting. As I become more confident and experienced I want to knit more, but much of my spare time should be dedicated to studio time. At this point, my studio is an unused room in our house. Unless I use it soon for design work, it could be my bedroom. I'll dedicate an hour of knitting each evening before bed, while I listen to the radio.
  9. Stash knitting. I've read much this year about knitting from the stash to avoid conflict with loved ones, lighten up the number of projects, to create more space and hence more buying power. I don't have a "heavy" stash like some I've seen, but I'm creative and challenged by this goal I set for myself. I would like to use those baskets my stash is filling for something else. When will I begin R-#9? Perhaps after Tweedy Vest is done.
  10. My last and most important: To follow these 10 Resolutions for 2006.


Christie said...

sounds like your resolutions are very attainable. Orangina's lace wasn't boring at all...the ribbed band ...well, that's another story.

Miss Twiss said...

Good to know, good to know.

Nichola said...

Some good resolutions there, i haven't made any this year, well, i haven't put them down on paper. I'm knitting Orangina at the moment, it's not boring but seems to be quite slow, maybe that's because i have 2 small children?!

jacqueline said...

i'm going against christie because i am finding orangina tedious. i only have an inch and a half to knit on the second piece....then onto that wonderful ribbing.

Deb said...

Good Morning, your site is simple and clear to read. Could you tell me what the small squares ( with some words and logos) are called and how to add them to a blog.

Miss Twiss said...

Dear Deb,
I'd be happy to answer your questions if you would email me. Which you can do at laura(dot)twiss(at)gmail(dot)com. I don't have access to your email.

Diana Jean said...

Forget the addis, how about Crystal Palace, they do a wonderful bamboo needle from northern Japan.Those are great to knit socks on.

Paton's does a great series of sock patterns, for a first one, try one of the chunky socks. They knit up real fast on size 5mm needles and give you all the ideas about construction of a sock.

A sock has some basic parts: the cuff, leg, heel flap, heel, instep and toe. They are terrific projects to carry around, they fit easily into a purse and you can do them anywhere, anytime. I knit my socks two at a time so I can avoid, SSS, Second Sock Syndrome.

I'll pop a chunky sock pattern into the mail for you today.
Love the resolutions, but don't know about limiting knitting to only one hour per night, carry it with you, and work on it whenever, you will learn to enjoy "waiting".