Saturday, October 20, 2007

CLOTHES [by Muriel Dombret]

[Designed and Produced Locally,
Admired Everywhere]

Back in her hometown Antwerp, Belgium, Dombret started working for a new private label and recent graduate from the Antwerp College for Fine Arts fashion program. Dombret assisted the designer and was responsible for the production coordination and retail shop. During that time, she learned a lot about the industry but wanted to be more hands on and found a private pattern making tutor. She bought herself a Bernina sewing machine and started to customize the vintage clothing that she bought and sold out of her home. Once a week she took a daylong sewing class and in her free time practiced her new skills.

[Dombret is on the left]

In 1991 Dombret moved to Ottawa, and started sewing for various people whom she met during the early days in Canada. In the summer of 1992 Dombret founded CLOTHES and started selling her wares on the Byward Market in Ottawa, back when the market was still producer based and a great spot to meet creative people.

After the first summer, Dombret managed to break even! So
on she had to move out off the cramped kitchen headquarters. In 1994, CLOTHES opened its first shop and studio on 177 Armstrong Street, a little off the beaten track. On summer weekends, you could still find CLOTHES at the Byward market and Dombret started to explore various crafts shows throughout Ontario. By 1997 it became time to expand, CLOTHES moved out of obscurity and became established on Wellington West. The last move happened in 2002. Dombret remained loyal to the neighborhood and bought the building on the corner of Huron and Wellington.

[1258 Welington Street West, Ottawa, CANADA]

It had lots of windows but was in desperate need of some serious TLC. After a year of metamorphosis, the current location at 1258 became a new landmark amongst the trendy strip of Wellington Village. Dombret got into this business not really knowing where it would lead, but she loves what she does! It is a continually evolving creative process. Dombret now has the privilege and pleasure to work with 10 amazing multi talented ladies. CLOTHES would not be there without them!

[CLOTHES' sales team]

And of course thanks to her loyal clientele, CLOTHES was able to grow into an amazing shopping destination. Ottawa women love CLOTHES for the outstanding customer service and the quality and durability of gorgeous fabrics. CLOTHES' vision is to make garments at a reasonable price. So twice a year Dombret designs a new line and together with Canadian designed accessory lines, women can find all they need to complement their wardrobe. Each week the boutique gets a makeover; a new mini collection hits the floor. Different fabrics and colours, present the line in a different light. The client can special order the garment of their choice in an array of different fabrics, as well as having it customized within CLOTHES' size range.

CLOTHES [by Muriel Dombret]
1258 Wellington Street West
Ottawa, ON, Canada K1Y 2S9
1 (613) 798-0167


Imani said...

I've been to 'clothes'. Only about one third of the shop is her own stuff, and those few pieces that are of her own design are very do-it-yourself. I'd go only for the great selection of Ca Va De Soi and M0851.

Miss Twiss said...

Hi Imani,
I'm sorry you think the clothes look do-it-yourself, something one in the fashion industry doesn't consider of quality and something of an insult. Having worked for this company for over eight years the quality evolves from season to season, but not only evolves -- improves.
Please the next time you come in, introduce yourself and we'd be happy to give you a tour. Please try the garments on and we'd love to hear your comments about why you think they look do-it-yourself. That is the way this small business works, we listen to our customers.
Yes, Muriel has good taste. Adding the m0851 with ca va de soit truely compliments her line. I'm glad you come in for those items if not her style is for you.
Thank you for commenting this time.