Sunday, October 21, 2007

The 1st Chunk For The 2nd Time

Yarn: Alafoss Lopi 100g/100m
Needles: 6mm Addi Turbo 24" circular
The first chunk is right on!

Please note my blatant fruit basket, all cozied up! In my bowl I have an orange (in lace), a granny smith, a pear, a yellow apple, and a cold and lonely plum. And a box of Girl Guide cookies. Maybe that's why I'm not feeling so hot. Too many cookies.

On another note:

A few months, maybe weeks, I passed by this scene. Last night I was surprised to see it still there, so I captured it to share with you. It is a sad sight.
This space once housed many, many metres of yarn.


Casey said...

What a sad, empty store. My city lost 2 lovely knitting stores this summer. While the closing sales did provide a nice shopping experience, it was overall a sad time.

Your fruit looks so cozy all snuggled up together!

Bird said...

That is so sad. I bought some yarn there about a year ago-- they seemed like such a great "old school" shop with a history. RIP.

sienna said...

While it's sad to see an empty yarn shop, it's not a sad reason that this one closed down. It was there for almost forty years, maybe more. The man who owned it wanted to retire so he closed down. I don't know whether he even tried to sell the business. He was just done.

I had shopped there a handful of times and, truth be told, never felt all that welcome. It felt very much like a place where the owner would chat like crazy with old friends, people he knew, but, while polite, wasn't too interested in the new people. I also rarely heard much talk about knitting in general either. It was very much a business, I personally didn't feel the heart.