Friday, October 12, 2007

Apple Cozies

How frickin' cute are these? I love them! And first saw them in the New York Times way back in August and thought - how perfect. After joining Ravelry I found this super cute knitter: Miss Muffy, fellow Canadian, and knitter extraordinare, who also appreciates this pattern.

Almost everyday I carry my lunch to work in a canvas bag. Those fruit get tossled and bumped and bruised along their trip. And sometimes, I don't get a chance to eat the fruit, I just end up taking them for a walk.

The pattern is available for free at Craftster.


sulu-design said...

Seriously adorable!

jodi said...

It seems I take an apple for a walk nearly every day, then eat it later in front of the laptop.

Casey said...

Good job!! That's my craftster posting! I made a bunch of these as gifts but sadly, I have none for myself. I really should knit me one. I love the variegated yarn.

mary l. twiss said...

i brought it to school, and everyone loved it! it was so cute that i never actually ate the apple though..