Monday, October 08, 2007

Puces Pop Montreal

Arts and Crafts FairEvery issue was available, but I picked up #4 of Worn magazine. To make my collection up to date, I'll need the third.

Etsy was there and was giving out lots of fun free stuff. I introduced myself to, top Etsy seller, Danielle. We chatted. It was great to talk to THE top seller and pick her brain. She told me about how she got to working for Etsy, what the best price points are for sellers, and why eye candy is so important to the ladies who love to buy hand-made. She asked me if she could video tape me for their Storque zine and I hesitantly yet opportunistically said, "Yeah!" We'll see if it turns out. I hope their editing talents are as strong as their eye candy/business talents.
A few of my favorite sellers:
  • Fellow Ottawan, MintyFresh was there with her crazy fun and functional Bicycle seat covers and pretty camera straps. Her shop is found here at
  • I found a woman who sold, "subversive" cross-stitching $8 kits. Great for Christmas presents.
  • Atelier Wooden Apples was there.
  • Supayana has very cute and feminine clothes for ladies like yourself, and reading her website, it looks like she is found in key shops in Canada and the US. Nice styles. She must have sold quite a bunch, 'cause by the time I got there, here rolling rack was lite. Good for Supayana!
  • Orno, wooden earrings.
  • A bunch more postcards and business cards were collected and hence misplaced.

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an update
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While trying to catch up on my Bloglines I discovered Fashion Minute was integral to putting Pop Montreal Fashion Show together which was at Puces Pop Arts and Craft Show together. Read about it here.

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Alison said...

I was there, too! Wasn't it great? Did you check out any bands while you were in town?