Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tube It!

The Tube
I hope you can read the instructions when you click on the image. Let me know if you can't and I'll email you the jpg.

Preferably knits, I don't recommend woven fabric as it might not be able to stretch as well around our curvier parts. Require length for these instructions 60cm.
Elastic 5mm elastic. Cut 5 pieces of your size.
XS = 55cm
S = 65cm
M = 75cm
L = 95cm
XL = 105cm
Sewing Machine that does a zig-zag stitch
Measuring Tape

With right side facing in
Cut on Fold
XS = 45cm x 60cm (60cm is the length I'm suggesting, choose yours as you like!)
S = 53cm x 60cm
M = 61cm x 60cm
L = 69cm x 60cm
XL =77cm x 60cm

Along the wrong side of the fabric, chalk 2cm from top cut edge a 2cm line. Chalk a total of 5 lines 2cm apart.

Chalk the cross marks
At the fold (centre front)

At the 1/4 marks (between the fold and the centre back)
Flip piece over and mark the other 1/4 marks
You will have a total of three marks along these lines, the raw edge being the fourth

Pen your 1/4 marks on your elastic
Fold in half, 1/2 mark
Fold the half to the ends, 1/4 mark
You will have a total of three marks along the elastic, the raw edges being the fourth

Sewing the Elastic
Along the wrong side of the fabric, stabilize the elastic at the edge.
Sew zig zag and pull both the fabric and the elastic, matching the 1/4 marks, following the chalk line.
Repeat until all 5 pieces of your elastic are sewn.

With right sides together sew 1cm from the edge the centre back, making sure all the elastic ends are sewn into the seam.

How to Wear It
  • Were with a long sleeved top underneath as a layering piece, cinche it with a belt and tight-tight jeans!
  • With a tight top with leggings and wear it as a high waisted skirt
  • Or as a low waisted skirt with a few tank tops layered one over the other, a bunch of cheap long necklaces and flats
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Nichola said...

I'm off to try it out now, i hope i have enough elastic!

Nichola said...

Ok, i tried but i'm so crap at sewing in elastic that it ended up looking a mess. Maybe i'll try again. :-(

Pig wot flies said...

It's a skirt thing!
Have you read Pattern Recognition by William Gibson? One of the details that sticks in my mind is that the heroine has a garment she calls 'skirt thing', a tube of stretchy material to wear as a dress or a top or whatever. Entirely irrelevent to the plt, but memorable for some silly reason.

lupinbunny said...

uh, this actually related to Knit in Chunks: what size is it designed for? as in, bust measurement (and i'll assume you don't have truly bizarre proportions round the shoulders, being the only part where fit matters, really)? while the yoke is knit-till-it-fits, the neckline bit is not necessarily so.

and since youve managed the pattern, no way in hell am i going through the pain of unventing cables ;)

Poshyarns said...

Oh I really want one, I wonder if my machine will let me? It isn't very keen on elastic but I'll give it a go.

Olgajazzy said...

Great tutorial, Laura! I need to whip up me one of those!
Thanks a lot!