Saturday, March 17, 2007

Long Live Radio3

Tonight is the last broadcasting of Radio3 on CBC Radio. You can still listen to it, via Serius Satellite Radio Channel 94 or Podcast or Website.

This change really pisses me off because you should see what CBC is replacing it with! Can I try to understand, knowing I am no longer their demographic. I don't get it.

Fashion content, here is the lovely, the talented, the charming, the handsome, the intelligent, the dashing, the geeky, the twangy velvety voiced, Grant Lawrence:

Isn't he handsome? Check him out looking at the bottom left corner of your 'puter screen with those steely blue eyes.

1 comment:

krissy said...

i'm soooo with you on this! i don't know what cbc is thinking at all. last night was depressing without my radio 3. boo!

as much as i heart cbc(i really and truly do), it does annoy me that i'm expected to pay huge $$ for a satellite radio service to listen to a public broadcaster! i don't get it...