Sunday, March 25, 2007

50s Sample Suit Sale

For Sale - Five Pieces in a Two Piece Suit

A one of a kind suit. In Emerald Green. Size 4. Waist 26 inches.

From the patterns I received, I've sewn a few. From these I've modified. Reducing the depth of the shoulder, moving the dart over, moving the apex, lengthening the sleeve, the body, decreasing the bulk, lining the garment, etcetera. An entire re-modification process.

This is my sample suit and it is for sale. Here are a list of the attributes of the suit:
  • 100% Viscose Jacquard
  • Hook & Eye closure (two spaced approximately 8cm apart)
  • 3/4 length sleeve - great for a long glove
  • Fully lined in pretty calico-like fabric
  • Softly gathered at front near the side seam (no front darts)
  • Below the knee skirt (I'm 5'2")
  • Centre back zip with kick vent at hem
  • Waist band
  • Hip measures (I've a very narrow hip)
One of a kind Emerald Jacquard suit.


knottyknitpicks said...

that's a really cute suit - the jacket is especially cute. the tutorial for the tube it is also cute. any word on the chunk in knits pattern?

Diana Jean said...

I absolutely adore this suit!! You really know how to design and sew for figures such as ours. Esp. the fabric and lining. Nice touch. Brava.

sulu-design said...

I'm floored by this. So cool. So well-tailored. So luxe.

Vicky said...

I love it!

Kate said...

the colour is divine!