Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Value Added

My first "commercial" sewing pattern is on route to its many destinations. While developing this project a number of considerations came across my mind.
  • Can I just send it via email in PDF format? Then the customer will have to enlarge it or have a printer do the work... How expensive could that process be?
  • Can it be produced on paper inexpensively? The paper has to be strong enough to last but light enough to snail mail, keeping costs down.
  • Does the pattern offer enough for the price?
  • Are the instructions on the pattern clear and legible?
  • Are written instructions clear and legible?
  • Am I forgetting anything important?
  • That kind of stuff, and more stuff.
  • Aaack!

I would appreciate and totally welcome any constructive criticism with this pattern.

My goal is to produce valuable patterns.


Alison said...

This will only be the second time I've used a pattern therefore I'll be more than happy to offer you feedback from a newby pattern user. I can't make up my mind which fabric to use. Would it be best to start with a sturdy cotton do you think?

Ceije said...

OH the pressure of the pattern. Over the past four years I have drafted about a zillion patterns, and for the first time I was commissioned to draft a gown for a major doll company. They were producing only 350 of the certain doll so it wasn't going overseas. I made the pattern by draping it on the doll, and I was sooooo paranoid when I sent it to the sewers that it wasn't going to work.....

actually it was a little tight, so we had to put a little more ease into the gown by making the seam allowance a scant less than 1/4". Wow, thank god it was easy to fix.

What is the pattern of??

Miss Twiss said...

Why, it's the Hustle Bustle Pattern, you can see the skirt here!

Thanks for sharing ladies!

Ceije said...

Wow, I really love that skirt! Good job!!

Flibbertygibbet said...

Sizing - I think you said you've got waist hip measurements on there, but did you say you've got Small/Med/Large? Personally I'd always go for large, and then realise I'm often a medium! Maybe just an explanation of rough sizes in centimetres, plus an approximation of the 'ease of fit'?

Ditto with doing feedback - though it woudn't be my second pattern, it might as well be!

Re snail mail versus PDF - I have to say that I've been slightly put off ordering patterns from some online places as I can't think where I could go to get them printed out. That said, I know that with a little research I'll find somewhere. Plus personally I love getting 'real things' in the post - a pretty coloured envelope in the midst of all the buff and white bills. I joined Thimble's Button of the Month club, and they come in a little manila envelope with a simple laserprinted b/w label, but it's very effective. Let me know if you want me to email you a photo. contact _ flibbertygibbet (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk

So is it feasible to offer both routes? I'm sure there are just as many people who'd like the convenience of PDF.

Isn't this exciting!

mrspilkington said...

I haven't started yet -- I've just received my pattern (woo hoo!), but I do like getting the paper pattern in the mail. I'd love to have fabric recommendations too. Thanks so much!

Miss Twiss said...

Thank you all so much for your suggestions. I'm posting a new entry full of "You Should Know"... about the Hustle Bustle Pattern. With all these suggestions and questions mentioned.