Saturday, June 17, 2006

Sticky Stuff

I wrote this entry a week ago. The sticky is gone.

* * * * *

I'm stuck. I've been stuck for a little while.

It doesn't help when my studio looks like this:

The clutter is almost embarrassing to admit.

Patterns on the wall. Cut skirts on the table, just waiting to be sewn. Domestic sewing machine on the floor, out of the way for cutting. A lovely paper-mache handbag made by one of my bestest friends!

Does anyone else's place look remotely similar?

I'm revealing a not so good point about my Virgo self. The organizer. Since I'm very good at organizing other people, perhaps I should work for myself.

* * * * *

Nikki-Shell's "Clutter" entry inspired mine, and her pal Amanda's "Work in Progress" inspired her. Apparently there is "creative synchronicity" written to me (about something else, but it works here!) by Danielle of Final Fashion.


mintyfresh said...

My "studio" - if I can call it that - looks just about the same right now. Quilt pieces everywhere. Guitar straps on the floor...tacked to the walls....piles of fabric sorted...waiting for something.

It's a shame my studio is also our living room. I can't wait to move!

Erica B. said...

Mine was quit similar. Yesterday, I decided to do some housework. I had scraps of fabric and thread EVERYWHERE! Shopping bags of fabric and yarn are still there.

Nichola said...

Aren't we a messy pair!? I feel the need to write a list and de clutter. Off i go!

Miss Twiss said...

isn't that great, I'm NORMAL!?!?!

Alison said...

Oh dear, that must make me abnormal. Friends invite me over to their house just so that I'll tidy up for them. I have quite a reputation. I put it down to living in really small bedsits when I was a student and if things weren't in their place then you just couldn't move. Happy to tidy up and organise for all for you!

Tandi said...

I have a whole room that looks like that. I just can't muster up the energy to tackle it.

Ceije said...

My place is sooo incredibly bad when I am sewing that it's almost like being in trenches. When I was sewing a bunch of wedding gowns for my fourth year collection, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING (including my boyfriend at time -which he wasn't too pleased about) was covered in scrap fabric, thread, thread, and more thread!!!

fiftyRX3 said...

My place is a wreck... and it is not just the sewing corner. I try to have it organized on Monday, but by Friday this is usually lurking somewhere. It is a never ending battle. Living in Manhattan I don't have the luxury of having a project room that I can dedicate to messing up and then close the door and pretend it doesn't exist. Everything is multifunctional, like a little sailboat. So tidy is usually better, but sometimes piles just multiply like rabbits.

As part of the fiftyRX3 project I take a picture of what I wear daily. I have started asking random people to take the photos (which has often been the case), but now I ask them to make assumptions about me based on what I am wearing. Today the woman said organized. "Hah!" I thought, "You should see my apartment."

I am always rearranging searching for more space and functionality.