Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Things To Know

...about the Hustle Bustle Pattern

Yardage Suggestions:

  • for wide fabrics of 150cm [60"] you'll need 105cm [ 42"]
  • for narrow fabrics of 115cm [45"] you'll need 140cm [55"]

Fabric recommendations:

  • Middle weight woven fabrics.
  • A fabric that gathers nicely and that is not too bulky.
  • Cottons, Linens,
  • Should you choose a lighter fabric, a heavy hem or a heavy ruffle on the bottom will help weigh it down.

Waist Size:

  • Small = 70cm [27.5"]
  • Medium = 80cm [31.5"]
  • Large = 90 cm [35.5"]
  • Depending on how you prefer to wear the skirt, low on the hips, or high on the waist.
  • You could always sew two sizes of button holes so you can adjust the fit afterwards.


Back Tack - to reinforce the stitching at the beginning of the seam. Especially when sewing the tie, that seam needs to be strong when you pull that sucker through!

Button Holes - perhaps I should have called them, "Drawstring Portals", you'll need one on the left and one on the right, so you can draw the tie through. You'll then gather it up, turn the bustle under-or not and look fabulous! REMEMBER: the button holes are on the outside of the body.


[Let it be known all current patterns, any created after July 2007, have been corrected]

Eeak! It has been pointed out to me that "the button hole" instruction and "the S, M, L" instruction are switched on the pattern. So, when folded and topstitched, the button holes must face the outside.


Miss Twiss said...

Pictures to come!

kris said...

there's just not enough drawstring portals in my wardrobe! i have to work on that.

Colleen said...

But, since a buttonhole is what you're making, I think that it makes sense to use that term.


BlackCrow said...

getting excited here!
I'm making note of all the details. I've been looking at material and there are a few that will suit the purpose.
Mean while I'm practising on a few small projects.