Monday, April 03, 2006

Mu-Mu Update!

I'm pretty excited. I sold my Mu-Mu! To the cutest smarti-pants Law student with great long legs, who's going to an annual Med-School Cocktail Party Thingy, or something like that. Future is looking good.

I wonder if it was the price of the dress or the price per use that convinced her to purchas it.

I told her she could wear it with the belt and a pair of stillettos and gold jewellery or a flat boot and thick best and jean jacket. She can do so much with this piece!

She really gets it. I'm really pleased. She is just the demographic who will return and grow with me. One at a time.

Baby steps, Baby.


kris said...

yeah! mu-mus to the world!

Nichola said...


jacqueline said...

woo hoo! how exciting. mu-mu rule!

Saucyfishsticks said...

OK - I just created a blogger account, because I absolutely had to post a message. I live in Ottawa. Where can I buy your stuff?

Miss Twiss said...

Hey, Saucyfishsticks, great name! I'm at Amuse Boutique on Dalhousie and St. Patrick. Come on D O W N!