Thursday, March 23, 2006

Miss Twiss - Spoon - Colcci

I changed the barbies again. I think they rock! I love to mix pattern, colour and texture while keeping a consistent theme... This one is Black, Cream and Yellow! And I LOVE IT!

The cotton floral print trench by Spoon.
The black lace shrug by Colcci.
The black silk top and plaid skirt by Miss Twiss and black silk shift is also by Miss Twiss.
The top and shift styles have spaghetti straps and gathered neckline with a trim back-so it doesn't look like your wearing a Mu-Mu. I thought to call the dress that, but my boss lady thought it might not be good for the customer's approval. When I wear my Mu-Mu, I'll call it that... But until then, it is a shift.

These are my samples and I'm very happy they worked out well.

This morning I worked on the wrap dress. The fabric is key to this style, oh and the cut too. But I'm not too worried about the cut, it is what I cut from it I worry about.


Lissa said...

One day very soon I must come to your shop to ogle your pretties in person.

Christie said...

Y'know, I often avoid black and yellow because all I can think is: 'I'm going to look like a bumblebee!' Seeing your display, I will have to rethink my avoidance of the two together. It's so cute and fresh!

Nichola said...

Oooh, cute outfits! There's a store near me (where i spend my money) that always has fabulous clothes in the window like this and they always make me go in for 'just a look', i most always come out with something. I wish i could come to your shop.

sienna said...

I love the shift + shrug. The lines are gorgeous & the accessories look great.

kris said...

i wrote a comment here yesterday that never showed up! hmpf. i really need to start checking what buttons i press.

now, what's a mu-mu? sounds like fun?

sienna said...

mu-mu...think - Mrs. Roper from Three's Company! :)

Miss Twiss said...

Yeah, Mrs. Roper always wanted much fun from her husband, I never understood [then] why he wasn't interested in fooling around...

kris, I've had problems with the "word verification" thing myself, thanks for coming back!
- a Mu-Mu is a full and easy dres worn by Hawaiian women to keep cool and be free. There is much to read into that statement.

I wish I had a shop in Melbourne.

Hey, Christie! I have an underaged drunken story about a "bumblebee colours" night... let me know when you ever teach high school kids.

Do come 'round Lissa and Sienna!