Friday, March 31, 2006

The Twain Shall Meet

I can't tell you how much I enjoy the bloggers I read. When I'm having a crazed moment, I really enjoy reading my favorites.

Take this morning for instance. Knowing I'm working 12pm-8pm, I have time to cut some fabric so I can hand it off to a sewer who is visiting me later this afternoon. That was my plan last night.

6:30am I woke startled by knowing something irritating. I Jumped out of bed, through on my jeans and jean jacket (20C today!), even though it was morning and the sun hardly warmed up the day... I's hoping). Anyways, jumped on the bus and went to work. Why, it is before 7am?

I forgot my patterns at work and with my fabric at home. How was I to cut and therefore have new merchandise produced without the two together? ARGH. I didn't have a choice.

I was back home and cutting before my morning radio show was done.

It is 10:15am and I've two dresses and four tops cut. The bits are all bundled, labeled, in a bag with instructions and thread and everything else possible to produce those 6 articles.

Now, I can relax. It is time to enjoy the bloggers I read.

How cute is Knit & Tonic. I suffered an extreme amount of envy of her when I first discovered blogging. But a friend reminded me of her great writing. I recently started to read her and she is amazing. She looks sexy in EVERYTHING she knits, and I realized, I was just being a jerk. Hey, I admit it. She's great.

Nikki-Shell is so neat. She has her very own creations on sale on an internet store called Etsy, she introduced me to Whip-Up and is a contributor and she just opened the Nectar Lounge in Melbourne. This woman is busy! Two daughters too and she can still knit and sew up a storm.

Then there is January 1, who swears like a trucker and I find myself thinking, "are we family?". We have similarities. That girl is so productive with socks, now she's having a romance with spinning and what lovely results. She is spinning and enjoying it so much that she's holding back on the sock knitting. It's a temporary thing she admits.

Sock knitter extraordinnaire, s t r i k k e r has finished the pmtms sock for Jacqueline. Wow, they are spectacular! The yarn overs and knit 2 togethers and tinking back problems she had plagued her.. And me too but in a different project! I'm having similar problems with my sleeveless sweater attempt.

Ticking back was too much. Picking up the stitches was too much. I messed up. I had to rip back all the way to the beginning of the lace work. Now, I'm having motivational issues about this project. And I want to knit, but refuse to look at this one! This mood will be over by the weekend.

So great thanks goes out to my girls I read. I feel better now and I have content this week.


kris said...

20C? that's it, i'm moving to ottawa.

sounds like a productive day even though it started a bit early! have a great weekend, my dear!

JanuaryOne Cara said...

So happy to make your day a bit brighter! While I am loving the spinning, I did cast on for a new pair of socks last night. SHHHHH! They're for my sock pal, but as I was knitting on them today, I think they'll be better for me. I'm so bad.

Have a GREAT weekend!!!