Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Let Me Introduce You To Winter Bustle Skirt

The skirt is called Safari Calypso because of the safari-like pockets, I intend to apply to the skirt. And Calypso, because of the skirt I love the most. Accompanying my Bustle Skirt is a wonderful Peruvian Vest, 100% Alpaca. I found it at my local second hand store. Knitted into the pattern of the vest are ladies and men all lined in a row hand in hand. I love it!

This style has a full but flat bustle at the back. Some love it and some would rather not. Two very special ladies kindly reminded me about this skirt pattern. The pattern is one I really want to write and post but I find writing sewing instructions more than intimidating. And it is taking me longer than it should, mostly because I'm not doing it.

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Christie said...

That is such a cute little ensemble! I love that skirt! I still need to try it out! My sewing machine is needing some attention, but I will get to it!!! Damn that broken bobbin maker! I am NOT hand winding bobbins!