Friday, February 03, 2006

A Demonstration Event

Here is a picture of the pattern considering to use for the Knitting Olympics. Good ole' Patons and their free patterns. I really wanted something with a basic cable right down the middle front, but I shouldn't overwhelm myself with the challenge. Maybe I'll search a bit more on the weekend for the "just the right" sock pattern.

In the meantime, my Single Comfy sock is looking like this: It is shorter than called for because I just want to get right to the foot part. Knit up the heel and toe and figure it all out before I break out the 2.25mm dpns.
I don't know how it is progressing. I wish my sister were around to help me out. It shouldn't be too much a big deal. Even if I have to frog out the entire thing, it still won't take me long to get back on the right track. Well, that's what I'm telling myself.


kris said...

ooo, this is very exciting! let me know if i can help in any way.

jacqueline said...

and me too! the first sock is the hardest after that it is simple stuff!

Soma said...

I was knitting my very first hat over the weekend, and had the same problem - I was eager to get past the boring "knit a big long tube" part and get to the decreases and finishing. Of course (of COURSE!), I didn't knit far enough and ended up with a hat that was about 3 inches too short. It sat quite delicately (and precariously) on top of my head for 2 minutes, and then I frogged the entire thing and started over.