Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Single Sock Sample Update

Last night's Stitch 'n' Bitch resulted in this:

Inside shot.

I think I got it! I can see where I went wrong and when I knit up my Olympic Sock, it will be better. And I am not afraid of frogging.

Out-OUCH-side shot.

Now I understand how difficult it is to take good photos of your foot.

January 1 sent me an email which linked me to a very brainy lady and the perfect pattern in the world... It's got cables! In fact, it calls for the very same yarn as the kind I have! This is serendipitous, I like that word.

I've got to tell you how excited I am about this Olympic challenge. I wake up to the radio in the morning, to my morning show on CBC Ottawa. It is pretty early and often, I admit, I'm still sleepy. Listening to the radio and willing myself awake, sometimes one puts the words spoken on radio into their dreams...

They played the Olympic theme music. I don't think it is everyone's Olympic theme, just the CBCs, but it is familiar, see I've been listening/watching CBC for ever. Hearing that music I dreamt of the parade of Olympic athletes in their uniformed outerwear (years past provided by Roots, this year designed by The Hudson Bay Company). I jumped out of bed. I new that evening I was to cast-on my Olympic socks. But it is Wednesday today and I still have two more days.

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kris said...

woo hoo! a heel! you are going for gold!

love the polkadots!