Thursday, November 24, 2005

Lace Leaf Complete!

Designer: Teva Durham's Lace Leaf Pullover.
Loop-d-Loop (Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 2005)
Excerpted in InterweaveKNITS Summer 2005, page 78+79.

Inspiration: It seems I'm really attracted to Teva Durham's designs. I knit her Leaf Cravat found in InterweaveKNITS Winter02/03. Somehow I found her website: and when I needed a black sweater I was going to knit up Blackberry from, but then Streets and YOs posted this entry. And it got me thinking I would knit this sweater for myself.

Comments: This was a very fast knit. I knit the sweater in a week! Each piece had an interesting element. I knit the sleeves first, then bottom half on circulars, and lastly the top half on circulars. You have to knit the halves this way because of the lace bits. But then you have to put them together, that is what took me all of October and most of November.

God bless whatever it was that created patience in me because the grafting was a major pain in the gluteous maximus, medius and minimus. I found the instruction from was the best. Great pictures. Good encouragement. (Thanks Theressa) I tediously grafted the cores twice. It wouldn't be right to have holes in the garment and if I'm going through this I'll have to do it right, that's just the kind of person I am. The grafting the 96 stitches on top and 96 on the bottom was certainly a test of character. In fact it brings me closer to knitting socks as I understand there are fewer stitch to graft.

The good thing about my grafting, is that I chose black. You can't see a thing when it is done in black. But I needed a black sweater and this became my choice. It is now my favorite sweater.

Please, don't look too closely.


Lissa said...

The burning question remains - did you use the recommended yarn or did you substitute? If so, what with? It turned out so lovely, and I never would have thought to make it in black. Well done.

Nichola said...

It looks great!

kris said...

love it! love it! it looks great on you and the pattern works SO well in black.

argh, i was trying to convince myself not to start this until after xmas, so why did you have to tempt me like this!

Heather said...

Wow, that looks fantastic! I haven't seen this done in black yet, which is surprising considering how great it turned out!

Did you end up using the Van Dyck yarn for it? I'm thinking about making this one, but I just can't decide on a yarn.

Mary said...

Love it - especially in black. This is on my list of things to do, just need to find the right yarn. It looks great.

Lynette said...

mine is almost done done as well. i think i'll post a pic of my progress so far. i started it last week.

Lynette said...

oh my! i forgot to say GREAT JOB! i love it on you.

Christie said...

That looks great! I didn't really give that pattern a second look in the book, but after seeing yours, I might have to check it out again.