Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Pinku Rocks Turtleneck Shrug for Twiss

It took me quite awhile to post this, so today is the day. Back in October, it was the first of the season that the snow drifted down to the ground. I had the day off, working in my studio at home and I could have stayed in my pajamas all day long, but I had a parcel at the post office to pick up. I decided I would reward myself for working so hard and go out for some fresh air and see what awaited me.

It was perfect! A light box I brought back home and unpacked to reveal this:

Inside that pretty bag, hand stitched with fabric fishes dangling from a pocket contained my Turtleneck Shrug that Pinku

knit. Also in the parcel are beautiful vintage Kimono fabrics. Those Japanese are lovely textile designers and I get so much pleasure looking and touching and admiring these fabrics.

Thank you Kat for knitting my shrug for me. It is the best piece in my wardrobe this season! And thanks for the treats too, the
wee card is a nice touch.

Here is my friend Tatiana wearing the TNS. She is a gorgeous girl and a great model. She went out of her mind when she saw me in this and needed to try it on. I wear it at work often and people always ask me about it.

A great comment I've heard, "Hey Twiss, was it the tenth of a sweater you were wearing or the fire the other night that made me hot?" I really didn't know what to say, except to all you galls, "Hooray for the shrug!"

I had such a great time participating in this swap. Necking with friends all over the world was fun.

Great thanks goes out to
Jacqueline, Obsessive knitter slash Melbourne landmark informant and Kris, s t r i k k e r slash r o c k i n ' r o c k e r .


handknit168 said...

I bought many japanese fabric for my sister for quilting when I travelled Japan. But she still has not touched it up to now.

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kat said...

So glad everything arrived safely! Your buddy looks great in the shrug - it really is a conversation piece huh!!!