Monday, October 17, 2005

Sandy Florian

A continuous strand of twisted threads. Like wool or nylon. Used in weaving or knitting. Spindled fiber. As. Cotton. Silk. Or flax. An elaborate fiction or fairy. For. Tufts of crimson in cushions. Pearly strings on stairwells. These are the mingled yarns. Those are blended entrails. Or. One of the threads of which rope is composed. I ask you, How? You respond, Put the reel in a frame at the head. Then. Convey the register towards the thing. See the hook twists on the strand there. There where the process commences. But. Unless the whole thing is made right, this is just a dainty quay. With yarns about.

To read more, check out where Sandy Florian's "Yarn" is published in full.

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