Friday, October 21, 2005

Just Another Day at Work

It was Wednesday. We were preparing for a customer appreciation event. We were going to throw a party. The theme was "First Crush: share with us your story about your First Crush". Around 2pm, just looking at our 'to do' list, a car slammed into our front window. It happened slowly but with such force and violence. I was sitting at the desk, below is a good view.While working we were listening to some groovy tunes, I was hemming a skirt, my intern was in the back corner working on some merchandise and Patti was in the back office coming into the store. We established the interior of the boutique was safe and everyone was safe. When the catastrophe happened, all I could think was W-T-F! Additional thoughts at the same time were: "What is that car doing to my window?" I was angry, a car shouldn't be anywhere near this area of this building. The driving lanes are on the otherside! "I have a party to throw and this is going to mess up plans!" Then I thought, "Shit this is weird, will this car stop entering the store?" It is really hard to ingest all of what happened.
I quickly took pictures of the event and sent them off to my family. Then it occurred to me I should cancel the party, so I emailed my clientele with the pictures and an explanation to why the party is off. First Crush turns to First [and last] Crash It was really amazing the response we got. Sales haven't been affected and all is well. We are really happy that no one was injured in the accident and only the facade was damaged, oh yeah the woman's car too was damaged and she has no injuries.

The story is, apparently she was driving through and amber light just turning red, a taxi jumped the green and hit her passenger side, sending her off into spins (it was rainy). Her car was threaded between a traffic-light post and a column at the end of the building and her back end through the window. Thick glass shards were everywhere. It was wild.

By 9pm that evening the emergency construction guys were finished with removing the mess of glass and facade and built a wood hoarding to secure the sight. We were opened for business the next day at 10am. We will postpone the party.


nichola said...

Oh no!! You poor thing! I'm glad to hear that nobody was hurt.

Christie said...

Thank god no one was hurt! How scary!

jacqueline said...

i am a bit late catching up with all my you know i have had computer issues. i am so sorry about this but thankful that noone was hurt and that you were able to get back to business quickly.

this very thing happened to me when i was working in a video store part-time (whilst at uni) and a car came through our store window. again noone was hurt - but it is more the shock than anything else.