Sunday, October 09, 2005

Party Skirt

This is a skirt, from the same collection as the pant. I enjoy looking at the photos of my designs. I can criticize them with a clearer eye.

First of all, I'm not fond of the length and the length of the tulle popping out. The entire skirt could be 10cm long. The tulle 2cm-5cm shorter in the finished length. When I wear this piece, I can see my inner leg, just above my knee, and I REALLY DISLIKE SHOWING MY INNER LEG JUST ABOVE MY KNEE.

What I like about it, the classic plaid, the texture, the incorporating 99 cent yarn (100% wool) as trim, the shape, the layers, the lining with the tulle, the wearing of it, the details. I really like this skirt. When it is longer I will love it even more. I will produce the skirts and pop them into the boutique! And I will sell them all and love it and see my clients about town and love it and produce more things and love it and hire more people to help me and love it and just love it!


kris said...

and you're going to be filthy rich! don't forget! happy and rich!

the skirt is supercute. promise you'll model it for us when it's modified?

jacqueline said...

i love that skirt! like kris said it is supercute.

btw - when you are a filthy rich famous designer...will you still hang out with us poor people? or better still give us discounts on your super expensive haute couture?