Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Today I was to teach my first class of "Fibre Science and Textiles".
I was greeted by an email yesterday saying there wasn't enough students to run the class : (
I was so looking forward to it this year. Over the summer, with the help of my sister, I collected numerous samples of fibre, kid mohair, old goat mohair, angora, tussah silk, bombyx silk, silk worms still in their cocoons, bamboo, alpaca, oh yeah and wool, romney wool an entire pillow case full!
The fun stuff this year was:
  • I'll plan a trip to visit River Bend Alpaca farm, where I helped sheer at the end of last May.
  • I'll have a young weaver to come in for a discussion.
  • I'll have them visit the local guilds
  • and a local, non-operational, textile mill. It was to be a glorious class.

I would have successfully turned another group of students onto textiles.

Maybe next year.


Diana Jean said...

my condolences at the cancellation of your class. . . . i know you were excited about it and you have so much to offer. . . hopefully it will fill up for the next term. . . in the meantime you can have more time to play . .

anna said...

aw that's disappointing. i almost cried when my class (learning, not teaching) was cancelled this summer.

Miss Twiss said...

I remember that Anna. I was sad for you. And so looking forward to reading all about it. Any classes coming up for the Fall session?

mintyfresh said...

! how could there have been a textiles class planned that I didn't know about? I so would have signed up.

Will there be more?