Monday, September 05, 2005

Bitch Complaint of the Season

And it's early only September! So this better be good. How do I begin?

Let me first look at how I run my blog, a reminder to myself:
  • This is a blog about design, knitting, spinning, fibre, art, music and fashion.
  • I have a other sides to my persona, but I will focus on the above subjects with this blog.
  • I'm not into self portraits.
  • I will not post pictures of kids that I know, unless they are contributing to the blog in a design, knitting,spinning, fibre, art, music or fashion kinda way.

Please note I feel horribly about catastrophes that happen, but I really don't think it is necessary for me to comment or ask you to send money.... cripes! That is not what this is about. This is a focussed moment somewhere else. That is why I read certain blogs, because they are focused.

If anonymous is going to comment on this blog, to ask something of me, via a guilt trip, then I am subjected to edit, by removal, the comments I wish to share with my readers. Comments relating to the entry or previous entries or within the context of design, knitting, spinning, fibre, art, music and fashion will be kept.

I suppose I should take another look at my goals for this blog and concentrate. Enough already with the congratulatory remarks. Enough already with photos of vegetables, well those are pretty and can be used to create colour combinations.... Hhhmn. Enough bitchin' already Twiss!

Have a lovely September friends. There will only be positive entries for the rest of this season.


Anonymous said...

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Miss Twiss said...

well lookie here. Another sapm
I was thinking to just ignore them.
Garbage them and ignore them.

Maybe tomorrow.

Diana Jean said...

i was just thinking about my holiday in ottawa and what terrific folks i belong to. life just keeps getting better. hang in there.

Miss Twiss said...

I have a feeling I'm getting tired. Tired of not having the time I need to do what I need. Design, Sewing, Selling, Loving, not necessarily in that order.