Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Bikin' to Stitch N' Bitch

This picture was taken by Miss Twiss the Younger, of me on our way to our Stitch N' Bitch, the Summer Sessions gathering. I hosted most of them this summer, but when Maria became soooo pregnant, (twins), we gathered at her place a few times.

Now that school started, the Summer season is officially over. I wonder who will host the S N' B gatherings this year? I wonder if Lesley will host again this year, but she has all those teaching jobs.

Calling all Stitcher-Bitchers, how do you gather your gals for a manless night of knitty-knatty?


Anonymous said...

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Lissa said...

Well, we meet at Bridgehead in the Glebe on the third Wednesday of every month, and sometimes more often than that. More bodies are always welcome. If you would like more info: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ottawaknitting/

I'm sorry to see you've been spammed above. :(

Miss Twiss said...

I made arrangements with the blog, I'm hoping to avoid the computer type spammers....!!!
Muah-ah Ahh-aahhh

jacqueline said...

try starting up a yahoo group. you can all join and send our meet reminders etc. we have over 350+ snb members in melbourne now. the groups actually only had about 12 people when i joined and met once a month but now there are meets all the time and in many different locations.

Cheryl said...

Laura, I plan on hosting some SnB sessions at my house beginning sometime in October. Hopefully the girls will be interested in continuing. : )