Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Dropped Spindly Bits

This wee skein is produced by me and my sister. It is my first experience with spinning. The last week of her visit we got down to business and invited our Stitch N' Bitcher's to come round to card, comb, spin, ply and knit. It was the end of the summer. One good sport turned up. Good ol' Cheryl with a wee bun in the oven to boot. Miss Twiss the Younger did as well, but she is my sister's daughter, so she doesn't count ; ) Well, Cheryl had all the attention of my sister and certainly got a lot out of it.

Here is an example of a wee skein we all managed together:

My appologies for the glare.

We spent the last few days playing with fibre. Making rovings with her lovely combs and preparing (stock piling) for her departure.
After my sister left, I tried to spin all by myself. Here is the evidence. Please remember this is all done on the drop spindle.

The next picture is an experiment. I carded a very lustrous kid mohair with a touch of silk (very long filament) and a touch of angora (very short staple). It was interesting to play with. The carding was very difficult, but with any medium the artist must master it, it was a challenge. I then had my sister spin it up, had I spun it, with my little experience, it would set me back. She is also a good sport. (expression of the day for me I guess)

This is what became of the "mixed contents":


Diana Jean said...

what delicious bits you have there. . . they look like hat material, or funky fusili (sp?)

Miss Twiss said...

I realized the spelling of fusili is with 2 Ls. Funky Fusilli. I can't seem to find the spinach kind...

joy said...

All that spinning sounds like fun. The colors are so pretty!

Cheryl said...

It was an exceptional learning experience. I did miss the other stitch n bitch girls, but I was lucky because I got a lot of hands-on experience and focus from the more experienced! It was so much fun! I even got the little "bits" of unusable roving that was too short for spinning. I will do something with it. Thank you ladies for the wonderful evening! xoxo