Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Canadian Kids These Days

Could these kids be any more bored ? I find it fascinating to watch young people. They remind me a lot of my niece, Miss McTwiss the Eldest. The performer above them is Keren Ann. She is lovely. Songs of love and loss. And electric guitar and a keyboard. A simple combination. The teenagers are waiting for the Alexisonfire. I don't know anything about them except my favorite radio program in the world, CBCradio3, plays them.

Canadian Culture Lesson:
I just had to put this photo in to show what the kid in the white t-shirt and camouflage hat is eating. He is enjoying a culinary delicacy, Poutine. French fries, drenched in gravy with white cheddar cheese curds, salt and pepper, and sometimes ketchup. It is gross, messy and delicious.

Another picture of bored teenagers. The girl in the blue t-shirt and the boy lying down each have one of the other's shoe on. The girl behind them in the pink and black striped t-shirt, I have a feeling, is wanting the attention of the boy, who happens to look like a taller Billy Joe Armstrong of Green Day.

It ended up raining. But the show went on. Dirty punky kids enjoy getting dirtier. I remember.


kris said...

seeing these pics make me so happy i'm not a teenager anymore. i'm sure we were just as bored - or just as cool, depending on how you see it.

the girl in the stripy top should forget about mr. green day if his feet are so small he can wear girl's shoes ;-)

Miss Twiss said...

Oh the desire to be cool.
Yeah, I'm happy too the teenage years are long past.

Peggy said...

Poutine!!!! *drool drool*