Saturday, July 23, 2005

Necking With Friends

This is my first swap. I'm new to the blog world and spend far too much time in it, but I am looking forward to this scarf swap. You see, what happens is you choose a scarf you would like from Scarf STYLE, by Interweave Press, or you choose one of four selected scarfs from, you select yarn for this scarf of choice, and you let the ladies, Kris and Jacqueline, know what scarfs you couldn't possibly knit. Sometime in August the ladies will let you know where you send your stuff. The scarf is to be completed by October, and you send the one you knitted to the owner, just in time for the Northern Hemisphere's cold winter.

This is a world wide event. There are participants from Alaska, Norway, Australia, Canada, Missouri even, and more, I just can't figure it out. This swap allows knitters to get a taste of knitting with yarns from the other side of the world.

This weekend, I'm going shopping. To find the right, local yarn for my TurtleNeck Shrug by Teva Durham. Ever since I saw Kris' shrug, I decided I need one in my wardrobe.

Stitch Ya Neck Out! Button is designed by Jacqueline's friend Paul.

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