Friday, June 17, 2005

Raspberry Coulis Prototype

Yesterday, Patti and I were discussing a particular piece, the Bias-Halter that sold quickly in the boutique, and that we could use a few more. The top is raw almost everywhere and it has a silk charmeuse bias in the plunging neckline. I've been wanting to design a dress using the halter concept with combining the design of the A-Line Bias Skirt. So, last nightI very quickly whipped one up.
Here it is:

The fabric content, I'm uncertain. I'm pretty sure it is a European rayon, which would mean a viscose. I'll do a burn test and and a bleach test to try to determine it's content. It has all the elements of viscose, silk-like, substantial.

The colour is a raspberry, mixed with a touch of cream. I call it Raspberry Coulis.

I am determined today, while wearing it, to decide what elements I enjoy and what elements that drive me crazy about the dress. Hence, P R O T O T Y P E.

Today is a cool and 100% precipitation (that means raining) and this dress is not an appropriate thing to wear. But my guy says he'll drive me to work. He's great. He also says I look great and he thinks the dress is beautiful. What a guy.




Diana Jean said...

I love it. The curve of the neckline contrasts your wonderful shoulders and it falls beautifully. It is sexy and subtle. Where can I get one?

kris said...

lovely halter neckline and beautiful colour. yummy! gotta love a guy who drives you to work when it rains!

Miss Twiss said...

This neckline is not for the faint-of-heart. Should I get into catalogue shopping? Do you remember the 3 inch thick SEARS Catalogue at Christmas time? The dress comes in XS, X, M, and L.
This is my prototype.
It'll be in a boutique (not very) near you (but many others in this town), by July. Possibly in the fabric shown and I'm considering in a black with white polka-dot!

Miss Twiss said...

I'm pretty lucky to have a guy like my guy.

Laurin said...

The halter neckline looks great on you and I love the idea of polka-dots! I'll have to come into the store soon and see whats new.

Miss Vicky said...

Miss Vicky is not afraid of a plunging neckline! May have to venture to the Market soon.... that colour is gorgeous, and so is the dress.