Saturday, June 18, 2005

Blogwatch Debut! WooHoo

The KITCHISSIPPI TIMES BLOGWATCH column debuts in the July 2005 issue.
Their subject is yours truly.

Poncho and punk-rocker chronicles
Local clothing designer tells tales online

Check it out, pick up your July issue of the Kitchissippi Times.
Also check out the local crime just below the blogwatch column.

My hood.

Go here to read my last entry on the paper.

Another 'hood blogger to catch up with is Miss Vicky's Offhand Remarks. Her comments on local news and her reader's comments on her writing are pertinent to the subject and many times hilarious.

Calling all Kitchissippi bloggers! We are dying to check out your online persona.


Miss Vicky said...

Thanks for the plug, Miss Twiss! I'm looking forward to checking out other bloggers from the 'hood. Funny how the 'net can help build a whole other sense of community.

Miss Twiss said...

It really is amazing, the community is biger than Carling to the River, O'train to Woodroffe. I think the KT is on to something. It was a pleasure to find you.
I'm off on my weekend Wellington Wonder. I won't be surprised if we bump into eachother.