Friday, May 20, 2005

Watch Out Montreal

I'll be finishing this up on my way to Montreal this weekend!

When Martha Stewart was released from prison, someone presented her with a version of this poncho.

The following write up is directly from the Lion Brand web-site.

Lion Brand would like to recognize the woman who hand-crocheted the now-famous poncho for Martha Stewart for her return home. The New York Post reported that her name was Xiomaro Hernandez. We honor her creativity and the wonderful inspiration she has provided for everyone who is now encouraged to crochet. Lion Brand will make a donation of yarn and needles to the Alderson prison facility in honor of her work and her generosity.

It is the scalloped edging that is the best feature of this poncho. So, I'm doing it. Except my yarn is very different. Very different. This one called for a chunky wool, it looks like it works up fast. I'm using a "hank weight" cotton and rayon and it is working up slow. The yarn is pretty special. It is a grey. The kind of grey that looks mauve at times, green at others. I'll post a pic of it after the weekend, as I still have to finish it up on my trip to Sin-City.


jacqueline said...

this is going to look fabulous when you are finished. I am really looking forward to the big premiere

Miss Twiss said...

I managed to get another skein of the yarn and found a small ball in my stash so I'm thinking I'll have enough.

Diana Jean said...

Glad to know that you are proceeding well with that scalloped edge. When I did my first poncho using the same pattern, I avaoided doing it because I was running outta yarn. But I am doing another one and need to do the edging, so if I run into trouble I'll call.
love ya