Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Album of the Week

Look what my man brought home this week, well I should say, what UPS delivered. Tonite we dance.

RAVEONETTES: Pretty in Black (Columbia, 2005)

The new Raveonettes cd begins with a noise that is, I guess, supposed to resemble the sound of a needle being placed on a vinyl record. Why? What’s the point? This isn’t vinyl, it’s a compact disc. Who decides these things? The band? The producer? The record company? Whoever it is, it was lousy decision. It’s a tired and grating effect and one that’s more annoying than anything. If I wanted to listen to this on vinyl, I would have bought it on vinyl. Oops. It’s not available on vinyl! Every damn thing about this disc, from the design to the music to guest Ronnie Spector to the goddamn annoying glitch that starts things off—and ends things as well!—screams retro yet it’s not even available on vinyl. What the hell, man?

Album reviewed, not just bitched, by my man. Unlike this guy who got bitch-slapped - hard - last nite. You got my vote girl.

Pretty in Black is great for dancing. Check out their website to listen to their music, before you buy it!

Rave on friends.



kris said...

i saw the raveonettes here in bergen last year, i think it was. brilliant show. haven't heard the new album, but of the other two, i think the first is my favourite.

Miss Twiss said...

They are coming to Montreal in June and I will have to see them then!

We are off to Montreal this week to see The LCD Soundsystem with M.I.A. and Diplo. We are hoping to stay at a bed and breakfast in Old Montreal, the closest to Europe we can get these days.

Woo Hoo!