Monday, May 23, 2005

Shells Multiply Like Zebra Mussels

I did run into trouble.

I got three scallops of the last row completed and the yarn is done. Therefore, Montreal didn't get to see the poncho.

I was so excited about wearing the piece I forgot all about blocking it, so that would've taken an entire day. [to see a superb example of blocking go here, SweetGeorgia's blog, lovely blog] But I thought, had I enough yarn to wear it, the weight of the scallops would pull the poncho down and it would look just right. I am a beginner afterall. I'm thinking I'll have to create a pitchers mound to block this poncho.

I could be quite happy with the poncho without the last row of scallops but the completed three look so pretty, I have to do the full round. I happen to have a long scarf made of the same yarn. For the sake of the poncho, I'll sacrifice the scarf.

By the way, I must give credit to my sister of Twister's Yarns blog. She was the one who introduced me to this pattern. She crocheted one poncho in a similar yarn as the pattern called for, but ran into the same problem, not enough yarn. She is now working on her next poncho, using her own hand-spun over-dyed yarn, and will do the full scallops.


Diana Jean said...

I've just started the edging on the poncho. Unlike knitting patterns, I have trouble reading crochet patterns, but know enough about the skill that I can improvise to get the look I want. However, I have never done scalloped edges and need advice. Where do you begin? Is it at the point? I tried to see from the photo what the corner looks like but only have a scanty idea. GRRRRrrr. I really want to finish this so I can get onto other projects. Please advise.
Your loving sister,

Miss Twiss said...

I found looking at the picture of the instructions made it clearer for me. (see the link to Lion Brand) And since I was using different numbers (guage, etc) I ended up with having to created two scallops in the begining instead of one for the corner.
My suggestion to you is to sample up... crochet a round of a few scallops and see how it works itself out, make changes when you need to. You know ripping back is easy with crochet.
DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED! You will enjoy it when it is done.
Loving you right back,