Saturday, April 30, 2005

Friday, April 29, 2005

I couldn't post yesterday. On account of being spoiled rotten and taken hostage.

It was one of my last days working with the Ladies and they wanted to give me a good send off. Clever gals. They done good.

I'm working the boutique. The co-op student struggles to open the door. I help her in. She is bringing in a cumbersome box. It is addressed to... Moi. Hunh! There is a packing slip. I open it. I can not stop giggling.

The invoice states:
The Small Business Starter Kit: Fashion Designer

There are columns headed by: Item -- Qty -- From Whom

Terms: No Problem
F.O.B.: Mechanicsville
Ship Via: Hand Delivery
I dragged the box into the back. The ladies needed to see me unpackage it. I opened the box and carefully read outloud the shipping list containing: sewing needles, bobbins, loop turner, seam riper, ruler, tailor's chalk, elastic, zipper, scissors, magazines, bottle of wine... electric rotary cutter.
The last provided by my boss lady. She rocks! Always she has been generous, kind, thoughtful. I know our relationship is going to change and only get better.
I'm looking forward to a friendship of just two girls interested in fashion and business.
I am a very lucky person.

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