Thursday, April 28, 2005

Frumpy Reputation of Granny Square

Today I'm feeling much better. Could it have been the hot toddies or the granny squares? I picked this book up.

I love Interweave Press! A quality book publishing company. They use the best quality of yarns and accessories. The work is professionally photographed and simply displayed. The combination is effective and sets a standard.

"Hip to Crochet" inspires me. I am determined to crochet cool looking granny squares.

Would anyone out there like to change the name of this motif?

"Granny Square" gives the craft a frumpy rep.

As it happens all-the-time... whenever I explain to someone, who is not involved in the craft arts, "Granny Square" they quickly judge what I'm doing as not cool, why would you waste your time doing something like that? or Twiss you are so weird.

I guess it hurts my feelings a little bit since I'm posting this complaint. BUT I DON'T CARE! I always do things I enjoy and I will continue. I get good at my thing, and I get pleasure from it.

I shall crochet lovely "Granny Squares".

I shall make them desirable.

They will be worn by those who doubted.

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