Thursday, March 24, 2005

CBC Radio3 T

CBC Radio3 T
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This is a picture of me in the summer (when I was cutting my own hair) after I received a package in the mail.

You see, I entered a contest my favorite radio dj hosted. He asked the question, "What Canadian city are the members of the STARS from?" I sent off my answer and behold, a T-Shirt, a bunch of CBC Radio pins, a few postcards, a CBC Radio compilation CD and the best part of all..... a hand written letter from Grant Lawrence himself! I was so excited I had my boyfriend take pictures of me so I could send them to Mr. Lawrence.

My boyfriend is okay with my crush with Grant. I'm not sure how Grant feels about it, he probably thinks I'm a one of those fanatics and he placates my emails to keep me at arms length. Good thing he lives over 3000 km away.

Check out The Smugglers sometime when they play your town.

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diana jean said...

Hey pretty gal, I love your T-shirt! GR and I are here at work checking out your blog. If Sharon is Ms Twiss the eldest and Ursula is Ms Twiss the younger, what does that make us? Ms Twiss the middlest and Ms Twiss the wee? Were does Madeline, Mary and Lydia fit into the sequence?

We can't wait till we see you in August, I'm already plotting my knitting projects for the flight! I'm currently working on an amazing lace poncho that has triple yarn overs that you knit and purl three times into each on on the way back, making a huge hole. I'll send photos of the finsihed project.

Love ya,
Ms Twiss the second &
Ms Twiss the smallest

Have a good weekend.