Friday, March 25, 2005

Sugaring Off -- Signs of Spring

My man has gone to the country to help a friend out with boiling sap. I know it doesn't sound great but the Maple trees are running, the weather giving perfect conditions for it... Sun warming up the air, soil, trees and at night cold enough to freeze again. So it'll be worth the effort to collect the sap, boil it for hours and hours until it becomes browned. There is still quite a depth of snow in the country so they'll pour some syrup onto the snow and eat it. That's Sugaring Off.

So, I gots the place to myself! The sun is shining. The windows are open. The air is circulating, cleansing places that haven't been considered in months. Laundry is gathered up and waiting for me to separate and wash. The bed is stripped and being blessed by the sun too.

Outside the kids found their rollers blades and bicycles, I forgot how many kids we have in the neighbourhood.

Today I will sip tea on the sofa and contemplate my last year. It was a year ago this Easter Weekend when we saw the house for the first time. The neigbours were playing road hockey out front. The basement was dry. The place was just our size. The location just right. It didn't take long for us to make the decision that the house was ours. We like it.

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Godmademefunky@forty said...

Wow, no wonder you have blogger fever. Everything looks great. I want more. Write more now! When are you going to put up your creations? I can't wait to see them.