Saturday, September 22, 2007

Surfin Saturday

At the end of May I changed my 9-5. In between the two jobs, I took a week off. During that week off I knitted up Twinkle's Best Friend Cardigan.
This was a super fast piece to knit up. It was frogged a few times, but really it only took me a week because knitting on 15mm is tremendously easy on the frogging-esteem. I made a number of changes throughout, changes I couldn't remember if I wanted to. I know I did add more cables than suggested and I added more ribbing on the sleeves and I use two ply of the yarn allow the thickness to at least look good with the 15mm needles. Therefore, my guage was totally off, that's probably why it fits so small. But hey, it's a knit and will s t r e t c h ! See it stretch those poor button holes.

I found the free Chunky Cabled Cardigan pattern here: Canadian Living

During my uploading of photos on Ravelry, I discovered a fellow Canadian and Twinkle Cardigan completer I would like to introduce you to: Knitteroo

Knitteroo has aslo knitted up Twinkle's Best Friend Cardigan and she has a special post with a Twinkle topic. Check her out -- she is fun and has great style!


Alice said...

Ooo i *love* the buttons with that yarn!

sulu-design said...

I can't believe what you just "knit up" in your free time. Adorable!