Friday, June 15, 2007

Help Requested

crystal has left a new comment on your post "Project Spectrum":

Hi Miss Twiss,

I am interested in becoming a fashion designer and you have so much flare, I just know that you will have some good tips...on courses, fashion schools, internships. You would make a great mentor. Any advice you could provide would be great.


my bark: Alright, Crystal you asked for it!

my bite: Woah, fashion in so vast, but I'll try.

Where ever you happen to be in your schooling years, or where you happen to be in thisvery wide world, it is important to develop your skills by learning as much as you possibly can about your field.
  • Learn to sew
  • Play with fabric
  • Understand how fabric is made
  • Understand how your sewing machine works and master it
  • Don't be afraid to sew the little things by hand
  • Think about that project
  • Are you proud of it?
  • How would you change it for you to be proud?
  • Change it
  • Be proud!
  • Read patterns
  • Sew for yourself
  • Volunteer at a designer's studio
  • Read about designers you admire
  • Go to trunk shows when they are in town
  • Talk to the designer if you can
  • Talk to those in the industry (your on the right path)
  • Watch films with great costumes
  • Sketch a little bit everyday until you develop your own style. That is very important. Duplication is NOT original, nor unique, nor desired.
  • Learn from duplication sure, but proceed cautiously.
  • Take out as many books as possible in your library about Fashion and read them!
This list is endless. If you love it, immerse yourself with it.
  • Go into boutiques that carry the fashions you are interested in and learn about them from the sales staff. Try stuff on. Buy it if you really want to collect that particular piece. Look at how it is constructed.
  • Learn all about the designer you like, meet them, ask them tonnes of questions, volunteer for them if they let you, let them know you support them and want to learn.
  • Set a goal for yourself. By the time I'm out of college, I'm.... going to continue my education at, intern at, travel... etc. By the time I'm 30 years old, I want... blah, blah, blah. Etc. Always set goals for yourself. Include those who you love with those goals, they'll be happy you do. You are young now, just thing about where you want to be when you are older.
  • Read fashion magazines, I mean really read them. Look at what the model is wearing and read who designed it. Don't pay much attention to the cost of it, because most items are ridiculously high priced and belong to a different species of customer in this world.
  • Use your medium (as you are) for resource. Try not to spend too much time on it, unless it provides you all your source of income.
By the time you are ready for post secondary education you have enough understanding of what it takes to produce an article of clothing and you could have a few items to show to your school of choice in a portfolio.

Now which schools?
Well, that all depends on the type of student you are and what you want from your education.
You could go to a University or a College. One gives a degree, the other a certificate, respectively. One is for academics, the other for hands on, respectively.

The best that money can buy?
Contact the schools of your dreams, ask them to send you information. Before you know it you will be bombarded by tonnes of thick envelopes with glossy fun pages all about the schools for you to read and re-read and plan your next step.

  • Inquire with school councellors
Summer Programs
What can I say, this is simply my advice for you Crystal, I could be way off. Take it your own way and ask lots of questions. People who are the ones willing to hire you are interested in creative, POLITE, interested young people. If you know another language or are obviously interested in learning a new language that can only help you in landing job.

Good luck to you and report back if and if only this advice has helped you in anyway.

If there is anyone else out there in InternetLand who wishes to add to what I've left out, please do. Link it and post it or comment it.

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Fabulous advice Laura!