Wednesday, January 03, 2007

This Just In!

Picking up stitches along the opening to build the placket. That ball of yarn is getting lighter!

Mom saw this photo and thought it was a child's dress. I can see her point, specially since this piece will not have any sleeves. Despite the fact that I'm tired of knitting multiple cables and I don't think I'll have enough yarn, I've decided on cap sleeves for the sheer style of it all. I see the classic long sleeved turtle neck to be worn underneath with a great pair of jeans and my new BOOTS!


Patti said...

I too fell in love with that sweater. I am enjoying seeing your progress on it!

Alice said...

THAT is absolutely gorgeous.

TeSs said...

I love you sweater!!
Oh by the this is Ted's daughter Tess! I though that it would be a good idea to get one of these thought that I could keep in touch with you guys on it better! I know that in the past we haven't been in touch but a new year, new changes and a good one like this will be great!

comment back!

Diana Jean said...

Hey, cool to hear from you Tess. This is Diana, kid #2. Are you a knitter too? or just wanting to connect?

Great sweater Laura, I am so impressed with your knitting, your persistence and your incredible sense of style. I can't wait to see it finished. And, I also can't wait to see a photo of your new BOOTS!


TeSs said...

ooh yes dont worry their will be a tun a photos to come!!!!!!I love taking pictures and "captureing the moment"!!

zorka said...

Hey Laura,

Wow looks like you're posting up even more instructions! It looks like all i need to do it translate your work into my size and my wool, and then figure out the sleeves.

I was thinking about creating loops on the sides of the first chunk so that i don't need to pick up any stitches at the neckline or the yoke- so at the end of the row, instead of Slip1, it would be 'make 1, then slip 1' or something like that.

It's non conventional, but maybe it'll work...

kate said...

miss twiss, your pringle sweater looks amazing...great job figuring this out!

Alison said...

Thank you so much for your instructions. I cut the photo of this sweater out months ago and have been dying to knit it out of Misti Alpaca Chunky. I am adding your blog to my own "roll call". Thanks again!!!

Colleen said...

I thought that it was a child's dress, too. No matter: I love it!

TeSs said...

I'm about two years younger then Mary...If that clears anything up?

I love that sweater so much I saw one just like it in magizen.(but urs looks cooler!)

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sulu-design said...

I'm drooling... this is gorgeous. And I love the cap sleeves - the sweater will love great over a long sleeved shirt.