Monday, January 22, 2007

My guy reads Pitchfork Media like it was his daily news. This morning he shared this with me and I'd like this video with you:

Listen to those shrieks! It's like the concert all over again, but darker.

Fashion Content

Renata Morales Montreal's sweetheart and former Ottawa resident and boutique owner, is the Arcade Fire's costume mistress. They looked super cool, until they started sweating and that's just sexy -- in a rock & roll way.


Alison said...

They were very sweaty here, too. The video almost looks like it could be from the Mtl show -- except for the teenaged shrieks. :)

TeSs said...

finally had a chance to update..
Leave a comment when yah can!
I posted Pictures from my trip

Alison said...

Hi there, I'm tagging you (see my blog)! Sorry but they MADE me do it! No big deal if you want to duck out of this one! Alison x