Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Day After the Arcade Fire

Alison asked, "How was it?"

Even though I was without corsage, was a lot of fun to watch the teachers and the volunteers get ready for the entourage of students and former students. The doors opened (7:15pm) and the coat check was super efficient (we're in winter here and have many layers of chunky stuff) the tickets were all accounted for (each checked off from a number of lists) -- about 400 tickets in all.

The band started the set at 8pm. They played for a full hour, returned for an encore and filed into the lobby to talk to the students and sign autographs until just after 10pm. We were home by 11pm on a Friday night.

The band was so generous. A few of the members are from Ottawa and I think it is fabulous of them to return and play a free concert for an arts school -- supporting the art community and setting an example to those who've "made it".

I wonder if, after 10 years, those students who were at the concert will return to their school and support it. I'm sure some will.

I think they will because I watched a group of them work together to clean up and I saw how they worked together. They returned the school cafeteria to its natural state. Such respectful and creative and pleasant and happy young people.

What a different experience.

p.s. Nephews and nieces, sorry there wasn't any swag to be had.

Edit: Sienna reminded me of a very important detail, that tickets were $25 each. Even though the Arcade Fire played the gig for free, they allowed the school to generated sales for their arts program.

Here in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, the separate school board is supported by the Provincial Government and it has been the governments policy to cut dollars from arts programs (since who really sees the benefit from art?). So the event was a great fund raiser for this individual Art school. Enough with sticky politicky.

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Colleen said...

Doh! Even though I remember your prior post I thought "Oh, gosh, a fire at The Arcade. How sad!" How sad, indeed, that I'm so daft :-).

sulu-design said...

Sounds like a perfect night - great music and a postive atmosphere.

sienna said...

Glad you had fun!

The tix were actually $25 with proceeds going to the school's arts programmes. Even better than a free show if you ask me!