Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Cashmere & Co. a fine little boutique I came across in my travels. Cashmere knitted sweaters in odd mixtures of magenta with turquoise and navy, which gave a tweedy effect but wasn't tweed. The ply of yarn were different colours. Or were they tweeded? I was a little intimidated.

The clothing was simple and pretty. Light boiled wool skirts with lace fabric ironed onto the hem and the hem of the inside back of the skirt, which hung lower than the front. Clever. Or the same design but slightly modified, with a straight hem and a panel of long quilted bits along the side, like racing stripes. There was neither side seam. The long quilted bits came from the hem and went all the way up to the waist and curved an upside down "U" 15cm from the top and returned to the hem. The pattern piece is one weird shape, centre front cut on fold with slashes from where the side seams should be. Kinda like a "W".
I could only take photos from the outside.

At Hause de Kunst, below, remnants of a re-enactment of a Krakow happening from the 60s. Yarn bits.

It was madness. I wonder how it all came about. We also saw Black Paintings.


sulu-design said...

Great photos! Hope you enjoyed the trip. Happy New Year!

kris said...

mmm cashmere! it's good to have you back safe and sound, but also a little sad not to have you on the same continent anymore!

sienna said...

That's SO freakin' cool! Love that yarn-art!