Sunday, December 17, 2006


Canadian to Euros
  • Well that was easy, I went up to the money exchange place, presented the amount of Canadian dollars I had to buy Euros with and now I have spending money!
  • Me and my guy will be in Munich over the holidays.
  • Off to see the Flavin Retrospective Pinakotheck de Moderne, to try something different for December.
  • We figure the Alps in the background is a good place to end one year and begin the next.
  • It'll be my first time.
Old Skule to Beta
  • Forgive me, I've converted to Beta. Hey, back in the 80s it was better quality than video and now look. This time I'll give it a try. Though I'm having a difficult time getting my format back. Things will be back to normal soon enough.
Stolen Bag to Summer Bag
  • Sometime between returning from work, (via transit) and opening my front door my bag was stolen. Well it wasn't stolen from my person, I foolishly forgot it, but it wasn't returned to me, so I consider it stolen.
  • Good thing I didn't have my passport with me at the time.
  • In my bag was my knitting... and two new balls of yarn ready to be started.
  • I haven't had the urge since. To knit, to replace the knitting, or to knit for that new baby.
  • I have to carry my ugly old summer purse now.

Until the New Year my friends. Have a happy time with your family and friends. I look forward to reading all about your holidays, your new projects in the works, the yarn Santa brought you, in the New Year. May you have lots of sunshine and a very snowy Christmas.


Renata said...

oh, I adore Munich! I have relatives there. I think there's yarn store in the plaza behind the cathedral in central Munich, but I might be mistaken- it's been five years since I was last there.

kris said...

you lucky girl! have a fantastic holiday, xmas and new year's. next time you come to europe promise you will stop by and say hello!

Gina said...

Have a wonderful trip and a wonderful holiday. I'm sorry to hear about the bag! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Alison said...

Have a fabulous time in Germany!

nikkishell said...

OOohhhhh...have a wonderful time! I look forward to hearing about it in the New Year.

jacqueline said...

oh wow! i am so envious. i hope you have a wonderful holiday and safe trip.

Betsey said...

Have a terrific time! I was in Germany this past October.

Happy holidays!

Robin said...

Happy Holidays and have a fantastic vacation!