Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Progress Report

The Pringle sweater is getting much attention and thank you all who are interested in this project of mine.

So far it stands a difficult test: I've looked at my tear sheet hundreds of times and I haven't gotten sick of it yet! So here is my progress. I almost have the cable pattern down pat. All I have to do it true the pattern and post my notes to you. But first, here is a taste of what it looks like:

Not bad. There are still some bits that need working on. I'm hoping to post the cable part of the pattern when I feel 100% about it. I'm off to Montreal for the weekend so I'm bound to knit for a good few hours in a row, there and back.

While knitting this piece, over and over and over again, I find the back turning into an interesting texture and pattern itself... hmn deconstructed cabling.. thinking .. thinking!

This sweater is going to be as lovely on the outside as it will be on the inside.

(I know it is Wednesday today, but...) Have a great weekend and to all those Canadian readers, a lovely and relaxing and well-fed ThanksGiving!

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